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We believe in a healthy lifestyle, community and planet are intertwined. Everyone can be empowered to live life fully. Our mission is to provide an avenue for the health and wellbeing for our students on all levels- body, mind and spirit. The essence of Ohana is welcoming and inclusive reflecting our diverse community. A yogi can see beauty and grace in the world. Let's continue to cultivate this together- inside and out.

Yoga is a rapidly growing field and it can seem like there are endless possibilities and class styles. Because our bodies and lives are constantly changing, what we may need one week or one year to the next will also change. We seek to simplify the journey.

Our offerings stem from beautiful traditions that come alive in the Ohana. We are moving into a world of unity consciousness. We believe that being a custodian of the Yogic sciences is a great responsibility, especially in today's time. We are honored to be able to be in our bliss and bring these beautiful teachings together for a whole, unified and joyful place to learn and practice Yoga. Our courses evolve as we, oursevles, evolve as a community and society, making this a home for a living, breathing, conscious practice of Yoga and sacred sciences. Please review our classes page for a complete description and contact us with any questions!

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"All these rituals we do... are just for us to express how grateful we are to be here." Dharma Mittra

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